Tongues: Beyond The Upper Room
by Kenneth E. Hagin

Tongues: Beyond the Upper Room - Kenneth E. Hagin - Paperback Book

Tongues: Beyond The Upper Room looks at common objections to and misconceptions about tongues, scriptural purposes of speaking in other tongues, common excesses, praying out God's plan, pressing into greater depths in prayer and more!

Few topics are more controversial than speaking in tongues - the divinely imparted gift that enables Christians to supernaturally communicate with God in a more intimate way than prayer and praise in languages we know. Amid much discussion and debate comes Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin's Tongues: Beyond The Upper Room, a comprehensive work with insights from the most authoritative of sources - the Bible.

Cover Specs Trade Paperback
Copyright 2007
ISBN 10 892765380
ISBN 13 9780892765386
Page Count 368

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